Friday, August 18, 2006

Stage 3 Interviews!

Okay so it's been narrowed down to 3 prima sites, betholdem, battlefield and aceflush. Breaks down to this :

Aceflush - 35% RB, paid directly into account
- Can withdraw with neteller every 35$ or so, they cover the 1.9%
- No minimum rake generated
- Dealt hands rake, not contributed
- Allows 8 tables open
- RB with

Battlefield - 35% RB paid directly into account
- Can withdraw with neteller as above
- No minimum rake again
- Dealt hands rake
- Allows 10 tables open
- RB with

BetHoldem - 40% RB paid directly to account
- Neteller as above
- No minimum rake
- Allows 8 tables open
- RB with

Couple of things on bet holdem though. The RB is contributed not dealt hands :( . With some rough, very rough calculations I figure 40% contributed RB to be about 30% dealt hands RB for a solid 6max player. I guess contributed favours the LAGs of the world! So I guess it's down to heads up!

Battlefield and aceflush look fuckin identical, they're both prima, same RB site etc so I'm gonna get nit picky. Battlefield allows 10tables, handy for datamining - thats an extra 120 hands or so an hour. Will report back tomorrow with the winner after looking through pokerlistings, bonuswhores, FTR etc for reviews.

Some other sites that didn't make the cut:
Boyle - no neteller, no RB
Betonbet - minimum rake 200$ a month, RB only starts at 25%
Bet365 - only 5tables open, only 25% RB, progressive for higher limits
Crazy poker, Dream poker, Royal vegas poker - only 5 tables and RB either contributed or less than 35%.

Most of the others I just couldn't find (m)any reviews or RB deals.


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