Thursday, August 17, 2006

Online Decisions

So finally have a bit of money to throw around and of course, it will be put into an online account. I'm going to go with around 300-400$ worth onto a prima site. There seems to be loads of RB deals for prima, so I'm trying to find an RB deal with no minimum rake requirements and a decent site too. What I'm looking for in a site is:

At least 6, preferably 8+ tables open - for eventual large scale multitabling and datamining.
Can use neteller to deposit/withdraw - what the fuck boyle! no RB though.

Thats it really, if a site can match those demands and I can get RB then great. I can't find an RB deal for boyle though i'll keep looking, betonbet needs 200$ a month rake minimum to get RB - both these skins allow 10tables open.

I've tried crazy and dream poker but only 5tables open a time = no good. I know i'm thinking ahead of myself here but i'm aiming to play 6-8 low stakes tables at a time on autopilot. I've spent the last few weeks on boyle 5/10c just kind of developing set plays for certain boards against certain players and so on. A tight passive/semi-agg seems to be the most consistent style in general.

Tomorrow i'm going to go through all 40 or so prima sites, their reviews and possible RB deals, tough work! For now though i'm just looking forward to amsterdam and a break from getting up at 6am!!

Will update with the winner of my site tourny!! and when i actually deposit and get playing.


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