Tuesday, June 20, 2006

20E Freezout In The Jackpot

My first proper live experience, excluding our home games and a visit to the fitz freeroll!!
The jackpot is a niiice place, very relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

Onyl 17 runners for this but it was still dealt which kept things moving nice and quick.
Got seat 7, to the right of jammer, which was handy(although angered jammer, the loose nutjob that I am! )

First hand I played was checking the BB, flop came QJx with a flush draw. I check, villian bets the pot, 200 or so, I felt it missed him or else he was protecting a pair from a flush draw so I made it another 400 to which he quickly folded and I get my 1st pot.

The table seemed fairly passive, not many showdowns or post flop raises, so when I pick up AJo UTG I raise to 300(blinds 50/100), one caller. Flop comes AQx, I bet out , 600 and again its folded leaving me thinking waht he called the raise with.

I lost one small pot where it was checked down when I had K high.
Blinds still at 50/100 I pick up AK in the CO and make a standard raise, folded to me.
Couple of hands later with blinds 75/150 i'm on the BB again with AK, folded to jammer in the SB who completes, I'm hoping he thinks i'm stealing when I raise him but he folds unfortunately.

I get 55 in MP and limp then call a small raise hoping for a set, however the flop comes 442 rainbow, I check call a pot bet. This player has bet out at every rainbow flop so when the flush comes on the turn, I decide to have a go at representing the flush, and make a small bet 1/3 pot, again its folded and i take a nice pot.

I've built up a decent TAG image at this stage and got my stack up to nearly 4K from the 2.5K starting stack so I decide to steal a bit in LP, it works a couple of times but I had to fold a flop when my rags completely missed!!

Got AA on the BB (still 75/150) two callers, and i make it another 450, one caller by a loose player. Flop comes KTx two tone, again I bet out 1K and again its folded.

Win another decent pot before the break with AK again and get my stack to 4.7K

After the break blinds 100/200, i'm chipped away a bit to 3.5/4K when a player to my left went over the top of my raises a couple of times. However he was soon caught out in a 3way all in with his KT against ATs and a shorty with KQ.

A couple of players gone on the other table and we have our FT of 8.

I'm sitting down with 3.8K, average 4.5. Not too bad as the blinds are still 100/200 for a few minutes. Jammer was first to go when his QQ was loosely called by ATo, only for the villian to spike an ace on the flop. Blinded down to about 3K when a 3 way all-in sees us drop down to 5 handed. Blinds still 150/300 average stack 6K and I need a double up. Call in mid position with K8s, a minraise cahes out nobody and we're 4handed to a flop. Flop comes KQT two tone. First two check and I have to push for 2.5K (pot size roughly) one caller who has J2s giving him the flush and openeded straight draw. Luckily my Kings hold up and i'm up to 7.5K.

Couple of hands later and I check A4o in the BB, flop comes 443!!! I check with every one else, turn a rainbow 6, i bet 600 into a 1.2K pot, one caller by a loose player to my right. River gives a sweet ace. Villian bets 1K and I raise to 4K-on hindsight too much as villian was probably testing the water with a marginal hand, even still im up to over 9K and CL.

The hand that crippled me comes soon after. AK on the button, I raise to 1.2K, SB calls then BB pushes for 8K or so. I call eventually, unable to turn down a huge CL and a shoe in for the money. AK vs JJ, no help and I'm down to 1.9K. Eventually pick up 22 in LP, only one limper so I push, called by the now monster CL with 56s and he hits a 5 to take me out.

A very enjoyable tourny and quite pleased with my play except for the AK hand (which I felt was close but probably a fold) and my over kill with the house. If only I had a job I would gladly regularly visit this place!!!


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