Sunday, April 23, 2006

Sunday Night, Mine

I forgot my promise to take records of hands played and stuff but I wrote some things down straight after. So seven of us tonight for our usual STT. I started off with some good hands winning a pot with AQo and JJ. Not too much happened early on though I somehow managed to end up a nice chip leader tanks to Banno calling to prove his genitals are decent??? (don't ask) and one or two pot bets clinching the pot for me.

Banno became shortstacked but managed to get back into the game with a big pot when the board was KKKAA(shuffling?) with banno having an ace and an all-in in his favour. Jammer may have been the victim in one of these pots leaving shortish until he picked up the cunts! (88) and pushed this was called by aido's KK and sheeners AA!! Some entertaining stuff as the flop came down blank blank K!! Turn an Ace and river no help and sheener takes out two players in one swoop.

I had gone a bit card dead for a while and missed the final hand before the break which saw doyler exit.

After the break aido had some better luck, winning a couple of decent pots. However his stack was chipped away until only 5 were left. Banno went out when a board of KK55 saw cathal and banno clash, with cathal having the better full house, King's full of 5's.

Soon after jammer went all-in on the flop against sheener with jammer emerging as the winner with his pair of 7's holding up against sheener's draw. A few hands later I pick up A9s in the CO. Me and sheener see a flop and I hit two pair. My bet is raised all in which I call, sheener's on a gutshot straight- a dubious play? no improvement and we're down to the last three.

A lot of blind stealing took place early on with few flops being seen. An important hand saw jammer and cathal see a costly flop with jammer hitting an ace and cathal a 10. Cue some more raising and they're all in with jammer taking the pot leaving cathal shortstacked.

The next hand I get ATo on the BB. Jammer raises from the button to which cathal promptly reraises all in. I'm left thinking about entering a pot that's been raised and reraised. I wasn't sure of jammer's holding, though I suspected A/K/Qx a wide range admittedly. My main concern was cathals holding. He had played tight the whole game and his confident all in made me think. I was looking at a low pocket pair or Ax. I dismissed the pocket pair though I'm not sure why and concentrated on him having an ace. Given his tight play I felt I was looking at A7 or higher, gambling time, decision made. The next problem was jammer, I couldn't see him entering a pot with an allin situation. Even so i reraised all in circa 3K to which he insta-folded.
Cathal flips over QTo, my holding was wrong but not too worry, he was dominated. No help and we're down to heads up.

Only 3flops seen in heads up. One in which a pot bet took it for me. The other was a flop of A K 9 to which I called 3/4 pot bet. Turn a ten giving me a pair and a gutshot straight draw. Jammer again leads out the betting another 1/2 - 3/4 pot bet. I'm thinking my 10 is no good here and reluctantly fold due to the scare cards, jammer shows a 9.

The last hand was a bit of raising pre flop. A flop of QQrag, I'm holding K6s. Pot 1000 i bet 1/2, called. I didn't think much at this stage, my bet was merely called, maybe he needed to improve his hand, as did I. Turn a 6 giving me two pair. On hindsight a check here would have been better as I got little information from the flop. Instead I bet out 900 (1/2 pot), jammer raises all-in fairly quickly.

This is where I need to improve, HU it's hard to let go of two pair, although the board gave me a pair. Given the lack of info from the flop, I really should have checked, jammer was able to conceal his hand behind my betting. The quick allin call also should have got the alarm beels going as well as the call on the flop, not like jammer's usual play. I also had a flush draw, this coupled with the fact I was pot committed made me call. Jammer flipped over treb Queens, no spade for the flush on the river and jammer takes it.

With the last hand excluded I was very happy with my play. I stole well and extracted chips well when I was ahead. I'm improving the skill of putting people on ranges of hands and my reading of the flop. If only I could say the same for online play. Discipline is a tough mistress.


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