Sunday, April 16, 2006

Sunday Night, Jammers

7 of us tonight for our regular 5E STT Rebuy. The usual blinds and starting stack (5/10bb, 1000 starting chips) allowing for plenty of play. I'm pretty fucking tired typing this, 4:15 in the morning and my last very late night for a while so excuse me if I can't remember any of the hands properly.

So anyway an eventful first orbit of the board saw jammer take a big early CL after knocking fiachra out with 2pair?? Cue a rebuy and a few hands later doyler shared the same fate and another rebuy very early in the game.

My first hand of note was KQo from the cut-off. I raise 4x BB, two callers. Flop doesn't help at all with an ace, ibet 3/4 pot raised by jammer - fold.

A few hands later I've A4o in the SB. I limp hoping the BB will check. I get my wish and the flop comes down 44J. Can't remember the betting on the flop but it ended up just me and my cousin seeing the turn. Turn is a 3 and I simply call a small bet. Its checked on the river so I bet 1/3 of the pot, a simple value bet, it's called and my trebs take the pot.
Another hand saw my pair of 7's being good enough to take a small pot that was checked to the river.

Jammer was playing well as the CL and forcing people off pots and kept adding to his stack. With him being to my left I knew I had to build up my stack some to handle his raises. I pick up JJ under the gun and raise 5x BB - I was only looking for one or two callers here as I could easily see someone calling with Ax here and overcards on the flop could make for some tough decisions. Folded to BB(neil) who min-reraises me. He was shortstacked (circa350) so I pushed hoping for him to call as I put him on any two face cards staying in the pot after my raise. He called with QJo and my jacks hold up.

Another significant hand was when I called a 5x BB raise from Jammer with KJo. On hindsight a poor move as he had position on me and had easily 3-4 times my stack. I was hoping for the flop to help as I put him on a pocket pair , probably 77 or higher though I felt he'd play low pairs aggressively too. Flop comes 236, no help for me meaning jammer's PP were still good even if he hadn't hit - fold.

The blinds increase saw my cousin, sheener and doyler go out in a short space of time, leaving myself(shorty) jammer(big CL) and harper. Wasn't too much action, I was in push or fold mode, with all 3 of my pushes paying off against jammer twice and harper once. My KQ holding up against jammers A10. I was favourite in 2hands with jammer 3:2 favourite in the above according to pokerstove. With these losses and another one to harper, he ended up shortstacked. The turning point came when I limped with A6o and the flop came A6x, sweet. I bet small, jammer minraises, I push, called and jammer's gone.

This left me with a big lead on harper which would have been difficult to overturn. The turning points being a medium sized pot I took with a King high flush and harpers last stand with my 9's against his 2's. A handy 30E for myself but more importantly I was happy with my play in general and in particular being able to let go of a hand, something I've had trouble doing before.

So a good night, as i type a 1$ MTT is registering on VB, off I go!!


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Pretty good assessment of the evenings play. Keep the blogs gives me somethin to read when i should be doing college work!

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