Wednesday, April 12, 2006

First Weeks Of Online Play

So started my online career off on vegasbaby. Credited my account at a DIT MTT a couple of weeks ago as the owner of the site was there. He was a sound guy as I was sitting just to his left for the game and had a bit of a chat.

The first couple of days was all 5/10c cash games!!! Having said that in about 6/7 hours play that initial 20$ had gone to 92$ !!!! Here was me thinking "I am the fucking shiznit!!" hahaha a few days later I was down to 55$ and wasn't so smug. After a bit of tiliting - my first experience of it, (what a rush) and getting outdrawn by people all in on flush draws you start playing like they do. I stopped paying attention to position or betting on previous streets not to mention really loosening up my starting requirements - on 10 handed tables = bad idea.

So after a bit of reflection and realisation i'm probably already destined to a life of poker addiction i decided i might as well have some fucking discipline and focus on it when im playing. No more MSN or Boards open in the background, no music playing, just poker. I also switched to STT's as my main game and a good choice it was. My balance now sits at 90$ down from 100$ yesterday but nice and healthy.

I've found you really need no distractions to play your best (go figure??). If I'm thinking about lab reports or any other annoying shit it affects me, hence the coming weeks won't be the best time for poker with exams looming.

3$ STT's on vegasbaby are quite beatable, they're also only 6 handed allowing you to see more flops. For some reason most of the players are Canadian, maybe the multiplayer network is Canadian or something but it's weird hovering over everyone's name and it saying "Toronto", "Vancouver" etc. However playing at evening times here, say 7-11pm i've noticed a better standard of player. Seems best to take advantage of them when they're sleep deprived so morning-afternoon here. This is probably the same across the board but only playing on vegasbaby I wouldn't know.

My goals for the coming weeks/summer are:
  • To keep building my balance up over the 100$ mark
  • Step up to 5$ STT's and see how i do
  • Start entering the 5$ MTT's and try to place
  • Improve my game, read boards, get some more books
  • Enjoy it!!!


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