Friday, August 18, 2006

Stage 3 Interviews!

Okay so it's been narrowed down to 3 prima sites, betholdem, battlefield and aceflush. Breaks down to this :

Aceflush - 35% RB, paid directly into account
- Can withdraw with neteller every 35$ or so, they cover the 1.9%
- No minimum rake generated
- Dealt hands rake, not contributed
- Allows 8 tables open
- RB with

Battlefield - 35% RB paid directly into account
- Can withdraw with neteller as above
- No minimum rake again
- Dealt hands rake
- Allows 10 tables open
- RB with

BetHoldem - 40% RB paid directly to account
- Neteller as above
- No minimum rake
- Allows 8 tables open
- RB with

Couple of things on bet holdem though. The RB is contributed not dealt hands :( . With some rough, very rough calculations I figure 40% contributed RB to be about 30% dealt hands RB for a solid 6max player. I guess contributed favours the LAGs of the world! So I guess it's down to heads up!

Battlefield and aceflush look fuckin identical, they're both prima, same RB site etc so I'm gonna get nit picky. Battlefield allows 10tables, handy for datamining - thats an extra 120 hands or so an hour. Will report back tomorrow with the winner after looking through pokerlistings, bonuswhores, FTR etc for reviews.

Some other sites that didn't make the cut:
Boyle - no neteller, no RB
Betonbet - minimum rake 200$ a month, RB only starts at 25%
Bet365 - only 5tables open, only 25% RB, progressive for higher limits
Crazy poker, Dream poker, Royal vegas poker - only 5 tables and RB either contributed or less than 35%.

Most of the others I just couldn't find (m)any reviews or RB deals.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Online Decisions

So finally have a bit of money to throw around and of course, it will be put into an online account. I'm going to go with around 300-400$ worth onto a prima site. There seems to be loads of RB deals for prima, so I'm trying to find an RB deal with no minimum rake requirements and a decent site too. What I'm looking for in a site is:

At least 6, preferably 8+ tables open - for eventual large scale multitabling and datamining.
Can use neteller to deposit/withdraw - what the fuck boyle! no RB though.

Thats it really, if a site can match those demands and I can get RB then great. I can't find an RB deal for boyle though i'll keep looking, betonbet needs 200$ a month rake minimum to get RB - both these skins allow 10tables open.

I've tried crazy and dream poker but only 5tables open a time = no good. I know i'm thinking ahead of myself here but i'm aiming to play 6-8 low stakes tables at a time on autopilot. I've spent the last few weeks on boyle 5/10c just kind of developing set plays for certain boards against certain players and so on. A tight passive/semi-agg seems to be the most consistent style in general.

Tomorrow i'm going to go through all 40 or so prima sites, their reviews and possible RB deals, tough work! For now though i'm just looking forward to amsterdam and a break from getting up at 6am!!

Will update with the winner of my site tourny!! and when i actually deposit and get playing.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

20E Freezout In The Jackpot

My first proper live experience, excluding our home games and a visit to the fitz freeroll!!
The jackpot is a niiice place, very relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

Onyl 17 runners for this but it was still dealt which kept things moving nice and quick.
Got seat 7, to the right of jammer, which was handy(although angered jammer, the loose nutjob that I am! )

First hand I played was checking the BB, flop came QJx with a flush draw. I check, villian bets the pot, 200 or so, I felt it missed him or else he was protecting a pair from a flush draw so I made it another 400 to which he quickly folded and I get my 1st pot.

The table seemed fairly passive, not many showdowns or post flop raises, so when I pick up AJo UTG I raise to 300(blinds 50/100), one caller. Flop comes AQx, I bet out , 600 and again its folded leaving me thinking waht he called the raise with.

I lost one small pot where it was checked down when I had K high.
Blinds still at 50/100 I pick up AK in the CO and make a standard raise, folded to me.
Couple of hands later with blinds 75/150 i'm on the BB again with AK, folded to jammer in the SB who completes, I'm hoping he thinks i'm stealing when I raise him but he folds unfortunately.

I get 55 in MP and limp then call a small raise hoping for a set, however the flop comes 442 rainbow, I check call a pot bet. This player has bet out at every rainbow flop so when the flush comes on the turn, I decide to have a go at representing the flush, and make a small bet 1/3 pot, again its folded and i take a nice pot.

I've built up a decent TAG image at this stage and got my stack up to nearly 4K from the 2.5K starting stack so I decide to steal a bit in LP, it works a couple of times but I had to fold a flop when my rags completely missed!!

Got AA on the BB (still 75/150) two callers, and i make it another 450, one caller by a loose player. Flop comes KTx two tone, again I bet out 1K and again its folded.

Win another decent pot before the break with AK again and get my stack to 4.7K

After the break blinds 100/200, i'm chipped away a bit to 3.5/4K when a player to my left went over the top of my raises a couple of times. However he was soon caught out in a 3way all in with his KT against ATs and a shorty with KQ.

A couple of players gone on the other table and we have our FT of 8.

I'm sitting down with 3.8K, average 4.5. Not too bad as the blinds are still 100/200 for a few minutes. Jammer was first to go when his QQ was loosely called by ATo, only for the villian to spike an ace on the flop. Blinded down to about 3K when a 3 way all-in sees us drop down to 5 handed. Blinds still 150/300 average stack 6K and I need a double up. Call in mid position with K8s, a minraise cahes out nobody and we're 4handed to a flop. Flop comes KQT two tone. First two check and I have to push for 2.5K (pot size roughly) one caller who has J2s giving him the flush and openeded straight draw. Luckily my Kings hold up and i'm up to 7.5K.

Couple of hands later and I check A4o in the BB, flop comes 443!!! I check with every one else, turn a rainbow 6, i bet 600 into a 1.2K pot, one caller by a loose player to my right. River gives a sweet ace. Villian bets 1K and I raise to 4K-on hindsight too much as villian was probably testing the water with a marginal hand, even still im up to over 9K and CL.

The hand that crippled me comes soon after. AK on the button, I raise to 1.2K, SB calls then BB pushes for 8K or so. I call eventually, unable to turn down a huge CL and a shoe in for the money. AK vs JJ, no help and I'm down to 1.9K. Eventually pick up 22 in LP, only one limper so I push, called by the now monster CL with 56s and he hits a 5 to take me out.

A very enjoyable tourny and quite pleased with my play except for the AK hand (which I felt was close but probably a fold) and my over kill with the house. If only I had a job I would gladly regularly visit this place!!!

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Sunday Night, Mine

I forgot my promise to take records of hands played and stuff but I wrote some things down straight after. So seven of us tonight for our usual STT. I started off with some good hands winning a pot with AQo and JJ. Not too much happened early on though I somehow managed to end up a nice chip leader tanks to Banno calling to prove his genitals are decent??? (don't ask) and one or two pot bets clinching the pot for me.

Banno became shortstacked but managed to get back into the game with a big pot when the board was KKKAA(shuffling?) with banno having an ace and an all-in in his favour. Jammer may have been the victim in one of these pots leaving shortish until he picked up the cunts! (88) and pushed this was called by aido's KK and sheeners AA!! Some entertaining stuff as the flop came down blank blank K!! Turn an Ace and river no help and sheener takes out two players in one swoop.

I had gone a bit card dead for a while and missed the final hand before the break which saw doyler exit.

After the break aido had some better luck, winning a couple of decent pots. However his stack was chipped away until only 5 were left. Banno went out when a board of KK55 saw cathal and banno clash, with cathal having the better full house, King's full of 5's.

Soon after jammer went all-in on the flop against sheener with jammer emerging as the winner with his pair of 7's holding up against sheener's draw. A few hands later I pick up A9s in the CO. Me and sheener see a flop and I hit two pair. My bet is raised all in which I call, sheener's on a gutshot straight- a dubious play? no improvement and we're down to the last three.

A lot of blind stealing took place early on with few flops being seen. An important hand saw jammer and cathal see a costly flop with jammer hitting an ace and cathal a 10. Cue some more raising and they're all in with jammer taking the pot leaving cathal shortstacked.

The next hand I get ATo on the BB. Jammer raises from the button to which cathal promptly reraises all in. I'm left thinking about entering a pot that's been raised and reraised. I wasn't sure of jammer's holding, though I suspected A/K/Qx a wide range admittedly. My main concern was cathals holding. He had played tight the whole game and his confident all in made me think. I was looking at a low pocket pair or Ax. I dismissed the pocket pair though I'm not sure why and concentrated on him having an ace. Given his tight play I felt I was looking at A7 or higher, gambling time, decision made. The next problem was jammer, I couldn't see him entering a pot with an allin situation. Even so i reraised all in circa 3K to which he insta-folded.
Cathal flips over QTo, my holding was wrong but not too worry, he was dominated. No help and we're down to heads up.

Only 3flops seen in heads up. One in which a pot bet took it for me. The other was a flop of A K 9 to which I called 3/4 pot bet. Turn a ten giving me a pair and a gutshot straight draw. Jammer again leads out the betting another 1/2 - 3/4 pot bet. I'm thinking my 10 is no good here and reluctantly fold due to the scare cards, jammer shows a 9.

The last hand was a bit of raising pre flop. A flop of QQrag, I'm holding K6s. Pot 1000 i bet 1/2, called. I didn't think much at this stage, my bet was merely called, maybe he needed to improve his hand, as did I. Turn a 6 giving me two pair. On hindsight a check here would have been better as I got little information from the flop. Instead I bet out 900 (1/2 pot), jammer raises all-in fairly quickly.

This is where I need to improve, HU it's hard to let go of two pair, although the board gave me a pair. Given the lack of info from the flop, I really should have checked, jammer was able to conceal his hand behind my betting. The quick allin call also should have got the alarm beels going as well as the call on the flop, not like jammer's usual play. I also had a flush draw, this coupled with the fact I was pot committed made me call. Jammer flipped over treb Queens, no spade for the flush on the river and jammer takes it.

With the last hand excluded I was very happy with my play. I stole well and extracted chips well when I was ahead. I'm improving the skill of putting people on ranges of hands and my reading of the flop. If only I could say the same for online play. Discipline is a tough mistress.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Sunday Night, Jammers

7 of us tonight for our regular 5E STT Rebuy. The usual blinds and starting stack (5/10bb, 1000 starting chips) allowing for plenty of play. I'm pretty fucking tired typing this, 4:15 in the morning and my last very late night for a while so excuse me if I can't remember any of the hands properly.

So anyway an eventful first orbit of the board saw jammer take a big early CL after knocking fiachra out with 2pair?? Cue a rebuy and a few hands later doyler shared the same fate and another rebuy very early in the game.

My first hand of note was KQo from the cut-off. I raise 4x BB, two callers. Flop doesn't help at all with an ace, ibet 3/4 pot raised by jammer - fold.

A few hands later I've A4o in the SB. I limp hoping the BB will check. I get my wish and the flop comes down 44J. Can't remember the betting on the flop but it ended up just me and my cousin seeing the turn. Turn is a 3 and I simply call a small bet. Its checked on the river so I bet 1/3 of the pot, a simple value bet, it's called and my trebs take the pot.
Another hand saw my pair of 7's being good enough to take a small pot that was checked to the river.

Jammer was playing well as the CL and forcing people off pots and kept adding to his stack. With him being to my left I knew I had to build up my stack some to handle his raises. I pick up JJ under the gun and raise 5x BB - I was only looking for one or two callers here as I could easily see someone calling with Ax here and overcards on the flop could make for some tough decisions. Folded to BB(neil) who min-reraises me. He was shortstacked (circa350) so I pushed hoping for him to call as I put him on any two face cards staying in the pot after my raise. He called with QJo and my jacks hold up.

Another significant hand was when I called a 5x BB raise from Jammer with KJo. On hindsight a poor move as he had position on me and had easily 3-4 times my stack. I was hoping for the flop to help as I put him on a pocket pair , probably 77 or higher though I felt he'd play low pairs aggressively too. Flop comes 236, no help for me meaning jammer's PP were still good even if he hadn't hit - fold.

The blinds increase saw my cousin, sheener and doyler go out in a short space of time, leaving myself(shorty) jammer(big CL) and harper. Wasn't too much action, I was in push or fold mode, with all 3 of my pushes paying off against jammer twice and harper once. My KQ holding up against jammers A10. I was favourite in 2hands with jammer 3:2 favourite in the above according to pokerstove. With these losses and another one to harper, he ended up shortstacked. The turning point came when I limped with A6o and the flop came A6x, sweet. I bet small, jammer minraises, I push, called and jammer's gone.

This left me with a big lead on harper which would have been difficult to overturn. The turning points being a medium sized pot I took with a King high flush and harpers last stand with my 9's against his 2's. A handy 30E for myself but more importantly I was happy with my play in general and in particular being able to let go of a hand, something I've had trouble doing before.

So a good night, as i type a 1$ MTT is registering on VB, off I go!!

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

First Weeks Of Online Play

So started my online career off on vegasbaby. Credited my account at a DIT MTT a couple of weeks ago as the owner of the site was there. He was a sound guy as I was sitting just to his left for the game and had a bit of a chat.

The first couple of days was all 5/10c cash games!!! Having said that in about 6/7 hours play that initial 20$ had gone to 92$ !!!! Here was me thinking "I am the fucking shiznit!!" hahaha a few days later I was down to 55$ and wasn't so smug. After a bit of tiliting - my first experience of it, (what a rush) and getting outdrawn by people all in on flush draws you start playing like they do. I stopped paying attention to position or betting on previous streets not to mention really loosening up my starting requirements - on 10 handed tables = bad idea.

So after a bit of reflection and realisation i'm probably already destined to a life of poker addiction i decided i might as well have some fucking discipline and focus on it when im playing. No more MSN or Boards open in the background, no music playing, just poker. I also switched to STT's as my main game and a good choice it was. My balance now sits at 90$ down from 100$ yesterday but nice and healthy.

I've found you really need no distractions to play your best (go figure??). If I'm thinking about lab reports or any other annoying shit it affects me, hence the coming weeks won't be the best time for poker with exams looming.

3$ STT's on vegasbaby are quite beatable, they're also only 6 handed allowing you to see more flops. For some reason most of the players are Canadian, maybe the multiplayer network is Canadian or something but it's weird hovering over everyone's name and it saying "Toronto", "Vancouver" etc. However playing at evening times here, say 7-11pm i've noticed a better standard of player. Seems best to take advantage of them when they're sleep deprived so morning-afternoon here. This is probably the same across the board but only playing on vegasbaby I wouldn't know.

My goals for the coming weeks/summer are:
  • To keep building my balance up over the 100$ mark
  • Step up to 5$ STT's and see how i do
  • Start entering the 5$ MTT's and try to place
  • Improve my game, read boards, get some more books
  • Enjoy it!!!